Tân xuân khai bút


18 thoughts on “Tân xuân khai bút

  1. really and really admired of your knowledge dear. have you ever been a photographer? (i mean ''fond of'')

  2. JAJJAJAJIt shows TAKING, CREATIVE AND TIMELY the photographer.Throughout history man has been able to make use of different tools at their disposal had to leave records of their passage through this world and those events that marked a before and after in the history of mankind.

  3. It is a very difficult and complicated question to answer, it is easy to believe that there is a material world that is by which we move to not deal with a different thought but what if our mind is an erroneous view of the world and what we see people not? One thing that I have often stated, we look forward and see a car, trees, houses, street lights, animals, playgrounds etc. we turn 180 degrees and see different things but now say the question we have back there or is it just what my mind wanted to see. the material world as it is if I see or do not see is that it is difficult to believe that has not changed but we do not see as you know it exists, we pay attention to our mind and we think so, or we are guided by our senses and say no because I'm not seeing is a subject that is difficult to answer. I think the world around us there and see it or not, if you listen to that nature, the birds but you do not see them feel them because our body has the power to make you feel things that are not seen as Here's what we do not see is that material world. also have to say that if we pay attention to science this world is not as we see things as no color are black and white only thanks to our eyes, the light and the composition of material things does exist colors but if this actually is the result of our mind as it is created by our senses. respect to the material I do think there is a real world, we see no other from my point of view but this is questionable morality simply another person who thinks otherwise is more correct than mine if science I get the explanation of matter but everyone is free to think anything as long as no one else gets hurt. but now I'm 100% sure the question, we are not that security is something that yes or yes, that is never going to be sure that this world is real 100% as there will be people that question and that much science there and tell us that it is right that this world is real, we can question because the human mind has the power to question the unquestionable. Getting out of the reality of this world, let alone the security word nothing is certain in this life as there is no likelihood that something may be safe but there is always a possibility and not to believe, because in this world things happened that were safe and have not been many that were safe, thanks to the unlikely occurred otherwise, this means that security is not 100% so we can never say that this world is absolutely secure but also say that the probability is so high that almost no possibility that this world that our mind has created is not real, but as it is a low possibility that people can ask and question to draw conclusions and to think about these issues but not sometimes reach any conclusion is fun to think and say today may be the day you find the answer to all my questions.

  4. Calling me a journalist? oh no, i'm just a businessman. i like travelling and i'm fond of studying my country's history. and there's something i want u to know: hearts could only love for a while. feet could only walk for some miles. clothes won't forever be in style. but having someone as my good friend is worthwhile!

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